Our company is set up on human concerns that have made our solid market position possible. The perfect coordination between the different departments and an experienced and qualified staff makes us one of the great references in the production of profiles and cold formed parts.

Our Company organization can be classified as follows:

organigrama zicsal


We always produce and manufacture on demand, accepting, of course, the conditions demanded by our client. In order to meet this condition we will provide a catalog as a reference to different requests we will be happy to satisfy.


To cover the entire manufacturing process necessary according to the guidelines set by our customers we have a wide range of machinery for each and every one of the production steps.
The main machinery is composed of several presses and beading machines, as well as an automatic sander to finish the tanks bottoms.
On the other hand we also have Cizalla, plasma cutting and welding equipment, counting on our two new acquisitions, a new welding machine and a plasma cutting machine.
All this divided into 3 differentiated and perfectly communicated working zones, where our daily work is carried out.

trabajos zicsal
trabajos zicsal